Contourpod Pro Core Features

•  Integrated Wellness Technologies: The ContourPod Pro incorporates 33 advanced wellness technologies, delivering 20 pre-set programs for a dynamic and rejuvenating experience.

Dual Heat System: Experience a vortex-fusion of convection dry heated air (up to 190°F) combined with independent radiant infrared heat for a rejuvenating thermal session.

Comprehensive Massage: Enjoy dual vibratory whole body, back, and leg massage, coupled with soothing leg & feet compression massage for an immersive relaxation experience.

Ergonomic Design: Immerse yourself in comfort with a cozy ergonomic bed, head cushions, and a space-efficient capsule design measuring 3' tall, 3' wide x 7.5' long.

Enriched Atmosphere: Breathe in purified air infused with natural essential aromas and Himalayan salt, complemented by integrated music speakers for a multi-sensory journey.



The ContourPod Pro is more than a fitness pod; it's a holistic wellness sanctuary offering:

• Improved Energy, Endurance, and Weight Management

• Enhanced Mental Activity, Focus, and Concentration

• Stress Management and Relaxation

• Power Naps and Better Sleep

• Increased Strength, Body Firming, and Toning

• Flexibility Enhancement

• Soothing Hot Massage, Refreshing Purified Himalayan Salt, Invigorating

• Aroma, and Enriched Humidity

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