Luxury Meets Efficiency

Exposing your whole body to sub–zero temperatures can bring many enhancing benefits to your sports recovery, wellness, and overall health.  

The Cryo Cabin is simply about boosting the regenerative potential of your body by exposing your skin to very cold temperatures for a recommended treatment period of two to three minutes. It is ideal for maximizing performance potential before exertion and minimizing recovery time afterwards.

The sub-zero temperature in the CRYO°CABIN may have a chilly edge, but there is no risk of frostbite when using the cabin with appropriate protective socks and gloves as well as suitable underwear.

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Luxury Meets Efficiency
How Much Nitrogen Does It Use?

The Cryo Cabin uses ~6L of nitrogen per session.

What Type of Power Does It Need?

The Cryo Cabin only requires a standard 110v outlet.

Do I Need a Special License?

No special licenses or certifications are required outside of NEXT Wellness's training program.

Where Is This Manufactured?

Finland, by Cryotech Nordic. NEXT Wellness is the exclusive US distributor.

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