True Innovation

Imagine a whole body cryotherapy system that you can pack and check as luggage on a commercial flight. Imagine the ability to travel where your cryotherapy needs exist. It may be an away game for an athletic team, to serve a location of your gym franchise, or even a personalized visit to a client’s location.

Proudly built in the USA, the RevoCryo opens a new world of possibilities and creates a new industry in which you can succeed.

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True Innovation
Does This Get as Cold as Regular Cryosaunas?

Yes, if not colder.

Do I Travel with The Nitrogen Tanks?

We recommend contacting a local nitrogen provider to discuss their protocols. Nitrogen providers typically deliver/pick up the nitrogen tanks from your location.

Do I Need a Special License?

No special licenses or certifications are required outside of NEXT Wellness's training program.

How Long Does It Take to Setup and Take Down?

Around 10 minutes.

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